news video of us trapping & removing wild pigs in Lake Nona, FL
wildlife control tech in Casselberry, FL
we take AMEX as Payment for rat removal in Winter Springs, FL
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news video of exotic animal pest control in Mount Dora, FL
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Critters in the News

  • "Wild Pigs are becoming
    larger and  more
  • "House Fire in Altamote
    Springs caused by
  • "Raccoons attack
    woman in Lakeland"-
  • "Rats overrun Orlando
    International Airport
    despite efforts to
    eradicate them"-   LAKE
  • "New Orleans 2 Year Old
    dies from blood loss
    caused by rat bites"-      
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As the animal experts, critter911
has been on the news
repeatedly... Click a white rat
below to see us on your favorite
news station
news video of us trapping & removing wild pigs in Lake Nona, FL
news video of exotic animal pest control in Mount Dora, FL
fast rodent & animal removal!
Get rid of rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons,
opossums, bats, birds, bees, wasps, moles ,
gophers, armadillos, wild hogs, snakes or any
critter from a to z- Stop the noises in your attic.
Protect your home, family & business!
  • Snakes cause allergies, transmit diseases and
    can even cause death.
  • Snakes can scare some people severally
  • Venomous snakes can inject venom, and
    constrictors can cause injury or death to
    young and old
  • Snakes can stain and/or destroy walls, ceilings,
    carpets, wood, metal, etc. and damage other
    structural components of property.
  • Snakes attract other pests, vermin and
    especially parasites to your property.
snakes911 is the #1 independent
snake removal company in the central
Florida area.

Our Services:

  • Expert snake removal.
  • Permanent entry point
  • Clean up & deodorization
    (when necessary) of snake
    feces, urine, dander, oil, rat
    smudge, nesting material &
  • Dead snake location & removal.
  • snake population control.
  • true 24 hour a day 7 days a
    week emergency service.
  • snakes911 was created to be
    different- we don't use tricks
    to get your business

Our Benefits:

  • No hidden fees- we don't
    charge per snake, per trip, per
    week or per trap.
  • A lifetime written warranty-
    and since the snake don't give
    up, neither do we... we re-
    inspect our work annually to
    keep you critter free.
  • We do not push worthless
    services- such as scent removal
    and clean-up (if you don't need
    clean up).
  • Low Price Promise- we will
    meet or beat any competitors
    estimate for the same work.
Questions to ask other Wildlife Control
  1. Insurance...can they provide proof of
    Workers Comp & Liability Insurance?
  2. Licensing... can they provide proof of
    Pest Control & Trapping Licenses?
  3. Are they members of the BBB?
  4. Are there "hidden fees" such as per
    animal, per visit, per trap or per week
  5. Do they guarantee their work for at
    least 10 years?
  6. Do they accept credit cards?
If the answer to any these questions are
not satisfactory, call
snakes911 today
rat and mouse control tech
Expert Solutions
Courteous Service
Low Prices
we are proud members of these
professional organizations
For Residential I Commercial I Multi-Unit
Critter & Bug Control
Our corporate clients
Your snake solution starts with our "911" inspection.
We are meticulous...

We Inspect:

  • Walls
  • Foundations
  • Eaves & Soffitt
  • Roofs
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Wall Voids
  • Attics (Wiring, Ducts, Plumbing, Insulation, etc.)
  • Outside Areas

Everywhere snakes can find harborage, we investigate to
ensure the success of your solution.

Inside the structure, we follow the snake forage
trails to figure out the most efficient trapping locations.

We also check for snake damage to wiring,
ductwork, plumbing, joists, drywall and anything else the
rats may chew on.

Out in the yard we look for harborage areas and sources
of food and water... all necessary for a snake
population to thrive.

Once all the pertinent information is gathered, a solution
to protect your family & friends can be quickly
Once the pertinent information on your snake
infestation  has been gathered, we can then
permanently exclude the rodents from your home.

Our Method:

  • We first trap the snakes to reduce snake
    population in the structure.

  • We seal-up the structure so that no more
    snakes can find a way in.

  • We continue to trap inside the structure
    just to make sure no snakes get locked

  • If necessary, we clean up and deodorize
    the previously snake infected area with a
    hospital grade antimicrobal/antifungal
    cleaning agent.

  • Last, we treat your house with an anti-
    parasitic to get rid of any parasites the
    snakes may have been carrying on their

snakes 911 we understand! Nothing is more
important to you than the safety of your family,
home or business… the fact is: providing you with
total peace of mind is what we do and we back it
up with a "best in the business" 10 year guarantee
Complete Critter Solutions
  • Alligators
  • Exotics
  • Any Critter from A-Z