Bat colonies nesting in apartment complex in Cocoa, FL

Bat in flightIt had been a few weeks since I went on a bat job, but this one made up for it!

There was a call from Cocoa that this apt. building had bats so we went to see the manager and she gave us keys to one vacant apt. that had dead bats and pointed out 3 of the 7 buildings that had bats in them. So first we checked out the apt. Before even getting to the door there was a wall of stench 5 ft. from the door. It was undeniable that something was dead in there, and not just one bat.

The dangers with bats is the disease that their feces leave and breathing it in can cause Histoplasmosis. This could be a deadly disease.

Opening the door left us with our jaws wide open. There were dead bats all over the floor, walls broken open where the bats came out of, and tons of bat droppings that is very dangerous.

This is very sad because bats are a protected species and this problem could have been avoided if they took care of it sooner. The maintenance man said that they had bats for over 10 years! The bat problem only got worse.

The buildings now have to be completely sealed leaving only one exit for the bats to leave and a one way door will be put on that exit so the bats can not re-enter the buildings. It is a big job, one that could have been prevented if we were called years earlier.

To watch the video we took in the dead bat infested apartment go to

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