Caring for a hurt squirrel

IMG_0418Being a technician at Critter 911, we get approached by people just asking questions of what they should do in a certain instance.

Today we were approached by a young woman who saved a hurt squirrel and wanted to know what to do with it. She mentioned that it looked like the back legs seamed injured so it wa probably hit by a car or bit by a larger animal.

First, be safe by using gloves because any bite or scratch could cause you an infection. I would also provide the squirrel with a comfortable place to lay (in a shoe box with a towel would be fine.) You can wash any visable injuries with anti-bacteria soap and warm water, or wait to take them to an animal rehabilitator.

We gave her the name of our rehabilitator and mentioned that just giving the squirrel some water and something to nibble on like applesauce or cheerios would work for food.

It is not safe to rehabilitate a hurt squirrel by yourself without the knowledge needed. So be safe, protect our wildlife, and if you ever have any questions you can call Critter 911 at (407) 699-4567.

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