Never Alone

Now how did I get in here?

Now how did I get in here?

Could you imagine constantly being watched…your every move studied by beady little eyes that glow through the night leaves?

One of our customer in Winter Springs described this exact situation. Raccoons are smart critters and they study your habits. A prime example of this is when you take the trash out – raccoons know it is dinner time.
What is even more entertaining is playing the hide and seek game with them, you know, you hide in the house and they come after the trash or you come outside and the raccoons hide up in a tree until you leave.

The best way to protect your garbage is to not put it out until the morning it is being removed since raccoons are nocturnal. Also, it is important to not only bag the garbage put putting it in a large plastic garbage can – this provides two forms of protection. It really helps if you secure the lid of your garbage can to the bottom. Raccoons are strong enough to get that unsecured lid off just as they can push up a soffit on your roof to get into your attic. They are persistant too!

These are steps you should take to protect your garbage – and your home.

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