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Bee Crazy!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

IMG_0001I am not one that has had a dangerous encounter with bees. So I consider myself lucky.

Critter 911 recently was called to a home owners association because of a huge bee problem. This is not out of the ordinary.

What casught me off guard was that there was a riding lawn mower that had to be recovered from the lake next to the building because the man was being attacked by bees so much that he jumped off the mower and ran as fast as he could to get out of there!

Critter 911 basically took down any nest that had bees and also sprayed to prevent bees from coming back. We guarantee our work and would prefer customers call us before they run a lawn mower into a lake.

The cold wether is coming in so call us if you hear any critters in your home – (407) 699-4567.

Raccoons mimic people

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

busted_2If you thought that raccoons were not smart, well, think again.

We recently had a customer that described how these raccoons would come up to her bay window and look in at her in the evening. Usually she would be preparing and cooking dinner – going into her pantry, slicing food on her cutting board, reaching in cabinets for different spices, etc.

Critter 911 got called to her house with her in panic – “There are raccoons in my kitchen NOW!”

This may seem pretty funny to anyone reading this, but these raccoons completely destroyed her kitchen. Apparently the raccoons did all the actions that she did – but destroying everything in the way!

The pantry was demolished, packages of food opened, crumbs all over, wrappers thrown here and there. The refridgerator had been opened and a similar disaster had happened there. Raccoons love to sniff out food and are smart enough to open a garbage can – or a pantry!

We rushed to get the raccoons out of her kitchen and luckily (although scared) the homeowner was not injured by these hungry raccoons.

So next time you see raccoons peeking in your