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Doo Doo on a Pool Screen

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Why do raccoons seem to always return to their same doo doo spot to unload again?

Simple – scent.

It is typical for an animal to return to the same exact spot to leave you another present. Nobody wants this and even with treatments there is no guarentee that the raccoon will stay away forever.

Critter 911 suggests that you not only clean the area, but trapping is a must. Even a cleaning will leave a slight scent that only time will take care of.

Mrs. Johansson, who is a concerned customer of ours, is doing everything to keep the raccoons away. This is a bit more difficult when all there relatives are across the golf course in the woods a block away.

What we have done for her is continually doing whatever it takes to make her happy. Right now we are still trapping just incase a relative of the raccoon decides to make a surprise visit.

Critter 911 takes pride in doing exceptional work and putting a guarantee on our work.

Watch out for falling doo doo!

Wild Boars on the loose!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

It may be hard to imagine Critter 911 handling wild boars – but it’s true. Critter 911 is an Animal Control Specialist Company and we even handle exotics – wild boars, gators, you name it.

It’s a difficult task but someone has to man up! Just yesterday we ended up trapping two 75 lb. wild boars. This job is not an easy one. It takes knowledge of how wild boars act and the skill to safely bring them in.

Critter 911 has been trapping wild boar for a few years. Lockheed Martin has a contract with us to make sure their testing grounds are safe and clear of any animals to prevent them from harming them. That is a good thought – Lockheed Martin cares!

Last year Critter 911 trapped 208 wild boars from their grouds! That’s a lot! This year has been slower, but yesterday we trapped two wild boar and gave them safety from Lockheed’s grounds.

Luckily, we were able to trap them without incident! That means that the wild boar were happily transported out of the Florida heat and none of our tech’s were bitten. No doubt, wild boar have some teeth on them and are no joke to mess with.

If you are ever in danger of a wild boar Critter 911 is the best company to call. Most critter companies don’t have the expertise and the experience we do.

Good Luck on your ventures and BEWARE of the Wild Boar!