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Don’t hire idiots, hire professionals!

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

RatA bank owned home is empty for 6 months and ends up having a major rat problem! The rats have even become more creative and made tunnels in the carpet and padding under closed doors so they could take over the whole house. It was very inventive and they were EVERYWHERE!

Now what is ridiculous is that the bank hired a clean up crew and this unprofessional clean up crew decided to power wash the ceiling inside the house creating water damage and evenbusting the roof in a few areas. This is what a bank gets when it goes for the cheapest clean up crew. Now the house is going to have water damage and mold issues.


The RATS that won’t stop chewing

Monday, July 5th, 2010

rat_damage_4jpg-90x75A house in Windermere had a rat problem. Rats are typically trapped with snap traps that are baited and snap down on the animal once they go for the bait. The owner hired a business to take care of the problem. It ended up that the owner was displeased with their work and fired them after trapping the rats. This caused a problem since there are entrances that the rats are still able to use to get into his attic.

The owner of the house called Critter 911 and we quickly responded and did a free estimate for him. It DIDN’T look good! The rats did so much damage just by chewing on anything and everything in his attic.

One of our technicians was in the attic doing an inspection when he hears a loud crack from the other end of the attic. When he goes to see what happened there was a water pipe completely chewed through by a rat and it just broke. The worst part is that the water pressure damaged the ceiling and water continued to pour into the kitchen and bedroom at a fast rate!

The water was quickly turned off to prevent further damage of the home. Critter 911 then continued to trap the house for rats since the last company never got around to it. Without seal up there is no way to prevent the rats from coming back. Once the rats were trapped we sealed up the whole house to prevent any rats in the future and gave our lifetime guarantee on our work.

Later the plumber and restoration guys were called to fix any problems those rats caused. It goes to show that when a critter problem has been let go for too long A LOT of damage can be done.