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Stinky House!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

We just went to this house that had this terrible odor! It was coming from this wall and we figured there was a dead animal behind it. We drilled pilot holes until ikor (which is fluid from her body) flew out of one of the holes from the mothers dead body! There had to be a large hole cut to retrieve the carcass. She must have been dead for a few days and we were able to recover her carcass along with 11 babies that were still ALIVE! We gave the babies to one of our non-profits to raise them.

Bat job in Minnehaha

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The owner of a beautiful home facing Lake Minnehaha started to hear bats in the edge of his roof overhang. He explained his neighbor recently had a huge bat problem with so many bats flying around that it looked like a black cloud! We did a thorough inspection around the house and inside the attic. The good news was that he only had a few bats, and even though bats can multiply quickly he seemed to catch the problem early. He was also fortunate because he only had a few bat droppings in his attic and bat droppings can cause disease especially if there was a whole bunch of them. The man ended up becoming one of our clients. We handled the situation by sealing up most of the entrance the bats were getting into and let the bats get out before we seal up the rest. Bats are protected during mating season which is the middle of May to the middle of August, otherwise we have a way to remove the bats and seal the home up more quickly.