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critter911 was created to be different- we
don't use tricks to get your business

Our Benefits:

  • No Hidden Fees- we don't charge
    per critter, per trip, per week or per
    trap. This saves our customers
    between 20% & 30% compared to our
  • Lifetime Written Warranty- and
    since the critters don't give up,
    neither do we... we re-inspect our
    work annually to keep you critter free.
  • No Unnecessary Services- such as
    scent removal and unnecessary clean-
    up (there are rare occasions when
    clean up is necessary).
  • Fully Licensed- Florida law now
    requires that all animal control
    companies Have A pest control
    License to operate in the State.
  • Fully Insured- our customers are
    protected with a $1,000,000 of liability
    coverage and full workers
    compensation insurance.
  • Customer Protection-we are
    members of the BBB and have an
    excellent customer perception with
    Google Places and Kudzu.
  • Our Methods- we use humane
    trapping methods & all animals
    removed are released at our animal
    rescue facility in the most
    environmentally conscious way
  • Low Price Guarantee- we will meet
    or beat any competitors written
    estimate for the same work.
  • Conscientious Service- as a mid
    sized family owned service, you will
    get the consideration you deserve and
    our owners are on every job and
    always just a phone call away.
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Critters in the News

  • "Wild Pigs are becoming
    larger and  more
  • "House Fire in
    Altemonte Springs
    caused by squirrels"-
  • "Raccoons attack
    woman in Lakeland"-
  • "Rats overrun Orlando
    International Airport
    despite efforts to
    erradicate them"-   
  • "New Orleans 2 Year Old
    dies from blood loss
    caused by rat bites"-      
Questions to ask other Wildlife Control
  1. Insurance... can they provide proof of
    Workers Comp & Liability Insurance?
  2. Licensing... can they provide proof of
    Pest Control & Trapping Licenses?
  3. Are they members of the BBB?
  4. Are there "hidden fees" such as per
    animal, per visit, per trap or per week
  5. Do they offer a lifetime guarantee on
    their work?
  6. Do they accept credit cards?
If the answer to any these questions are
not satisfactory, call
critter911 today at
we are proud members of these
professional organizations
news video of us trapping & removing wild pigs in Lake Nona, FL
news video of exotic animal pest control in Mount Dora, FL
As the animal experts, critter911
has been on the news
repeatedly... click a white rat
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critter911  was created to be different...our company was designed to have 5 major
differences compared to our competitors.

  1. No hidden fees or escalating costs
  2. Long term guarantee with annual re inspections
  3. No unnecessary or useless services to pad the bill
  4. We meet or beat any competitors written estimate for the same work
  5. A wildlife rescue and educational company
Over the years, this new business model has helped us grow to be a substantial competitor in the greater Orlando
and Central Florida critter and pest control field.

We now have a fleet of vans and trucks and we employee between 5 and 10 full time rodent, animal and pest control
technicians. We service approximately 1000 customers a year in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia, Flagler,
Lake, Marrion Sumter and Polk counties with plans to expand into the Jacksonville and Tampa markets in the next 2
years or so.

So don’t take chances, protect your precious family, home or business as over 7,000 of your neighbours have done
by calling
critter911 at 407-699-4567 today for our Free Inspection, it’s meticulous, fast and the low, flat rate price
will make you smile!
Our Staff:

Office Manager- Danielle is a M.A. Degree Holder who is usually the first voice you hear when you
contact us. She keeps us organized and on track.
Critter Solutions Supervisor- Jimmy is usually the first and the last person to visit you from our
company. With over 10 years of experience in this field he will make sure you are taken care of in
the way you expect.
Critter Technician- Chad is a critter seal up expert who spent a number of years working for a
nationwide company before choosing to work with us.
Critter Technician- Everett is a 10 year veteran of many animal control companies who comes to us
bringing a strong background in customer care as well as aniaml behavior.
Critter Technician- Jim
Critter Technician- Tater
Critter Technician- Luke is a UCF alumni who has become our "difficult case" specialist, thanks in
no small part to him, we have never had a situation we could not solve.
Pest Control Supervisor- Paul is a 25 year veteran of the bug wars, he is a certified Entomologist, a
PCO Instructor and an all around nice guy. If He can't solve your bug problem, no one can.
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raccoon in Maitland, FL
bees in Windermere, FL
Armadillo in Winter Garden, FL
Bats in Dr Phillips, FL
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Squirrels had invaded my attic- There may have been some rats as well- C911 sealed up all of the entrances into the attic- C911 trapped and removed animals in the attic- C911 performed a clean-up exercise in the attic repairing chewn wires and ducting. I received a couple of bids on the work and learned a little bit about the industry. You do have to watch who you end up going with. C911 proved to be a very credible and professional group of people to work with. They diagnosed the issues I was having in my attic with a very thorough report with pictures. After the removal service they made sure that they addressed each of the points in the report and provided photographic evidence to show the clean-up as well. I received frank advice about other rodent issues I was having in my yard as well, such as moles. The overall experience was a very positive one. RAYMOND MERK, WINDERMERE, FL

Squirrels were in the house (above living area). The service worked with the siding people to place one way devices to have the squirrels leave and not come back in. These two service workers very well together. Seeing I was in Michigan at the time I was very pleased with the outcome. Jordan Brun, NOVI, MI

1. Survey the attic and roof to determine how the squirrels gain entrance. 2. Inventory all openings, by type, that must be screened or sealed to prevent entrance. 3. Set traps to catch the squirrels and be responsive to checking them or coming to tend to them when called. 4. Take the captured squirrels away. 5. Seal or screen all possible openings through which squirrels can gain access. Over the last two or three years we have had a growing problem with squirrels in our attic. Planning to have the house painted, we needed to get them out because they were making urine stains down the side of the house. Critter 911 came out and gave us an estimate. The procedure is that they must seal all openings into the house so as they catch the little varmints, they will ultimately have no way to get back in. It turns out we had a colony of flying squirrels - I'd never seen one before because they are nocturnal. Over the course of three weeks, the Critter 911 team caught 12 of them in "Have A Heart" live traps. They were caught over night as they escaped from the one opening that was left from which they could get out of the house to get food and water. Once we were certain there was no more activity in the attic, the team sealed the last opening and the problem was gone. Quality of their work regarding sealing was excellent. They used screens on all the vents and special methods to screen places where the squirrels could get into the eaves. It was very well done. The Team was also very responsive. Any time I heard the squirrels or saw one in a trap, i called. Michael always responded, even late at night and on weekends. The only thing about the entire process that made me uncomfortable was that they require payment up front, by credit card, which the sales guy entered into his cell phone - and which, shortly thereafter sent a very professional receipt to my computer. The cost was not cheap, but we have a fairly large house and the cost is based on the number and type of entrance areas they need to restrict. Overall, I'd give them an A+. They did everything they promised they would do. Richard Ward, DELAND, FL

Had critters in the attic. They came out and gave scope and estimate of complete removal of the critters and to seal up all entry-points. Work preformed over one month time frame, one - two time per week. No hidden costs and will come out any time if the rodents return. All entry points sealed off. At first it seamed a little pricey, but for the pricing clarity, checking the traps at least twice a week, and/or upon request, sealing off all entry points, rodent disposal and 10 yr guarantee I believe worth it. All employees were very polite and professional...did a good job of explaining the situation and what they were doing...fingers crossed, but have had no recurring issues... Only minor issue we had was punctuality a few times that was out of their control due to traffic (usually on I-95) ...and even still they were within 30 minutes of original appointment time...would definitely recommend them. David Leap, MELBOURNE, FL

We called them because we had mice in our attic. They did a great job we were very happy with them. They made several calls to our home to ensure the problem was taken care of. They were very professional. Jack Lathbury, APOLLO BEACH, FL

I had roof rats and a squirrel in the attic areas. Ken gave me an estimate and described in detail what the job entailed - blocking 19 entry points and trapping and removal of both critters. Brett & Kurt were the main guys who carried out the critter removal and assisted with the entry point blockage. Both did a great job. Although this was a very expensive job it was done exceptionally. Animals were tracked twice weekly and removed sooner if caught in traps. I highly recommend this company. They were attentive to our needs and performed the work with a minimum of disruption. DAVID MEAD, PORT ORANGE, FL

I hired this company to close five access points where critters were entering my attic as well as they removed the squirrels in my attic. They did a good job. He showed up when he said he would and gave me an estimate and a time frame when he could have it done. They finished the job quickly and thoroughly and stayed under budget. Chris Gent, KISSIMMEE, FL

Critter 911 came out in October and removed some raccoons from my attic. I don't remember how much they charged me. The quality was high. The price was reasonable. Their service tech, I think his name was maybe Brad but I don't remember exactly, was very very courteous and cleaned everything properly. He was a real gentleman. That's the kind of guy you would want in your company. The pricing was literally in the middle. It was reasonable. If I needed to, I would use them in the future. Tejas Shaw, VALRICO, FL

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Get rid of rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons,
opossums, bats, birds, bees, wasps, moles ,
gophers, armadillos, wild hogs, snakes- Stop the
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